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It is my honor to usher in the 70th year of Giusto's success.  It is difficult to imagine in this day and age how fearless Matthew and Amelia Giusto were in 1940 when they first offered healthy and nutrition-based products to the San Francisco people. From a small store at 1460 Polk Street they supplied natural healthy alternatives against the tide of "improvements" in preserving food with chemicals and non-organic additives.  They were, in typical early San Francisco fashion, resolute and unwavering in their determination to only offer healthy ingredients to their customer.

The natural and organic industry has not been in existence for most of Giusto's history.  Amelia Giusto made many of the products they offered. Suitable flour was not available to make her natural breads so Matthew milled the four for her to bake with, sticking to their motto of "the best recipes start with the best ingredients".  As organic style farming gave way to "improved" farming and yields through the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers, acceptable wheat to mill became impossible to find.  So the Giustos made deals with a handful of farmers to grow wheat without harmful chemicals in exchange for guarantees from the Giustos that they would buy this wheat.  The second generation of Giustos, Fred and Al, would inspect the farmers fields and certify the wheat as acceptable.  This led to Fred hiring and creating the first third party natural and organic certifier, decades before the USDA created this function.  Meanwhile, Al honed his baking skills to become a master baker. Today out organic products are USDA certified and we offer only natural and organic ingredients.  Matthew and Amelia's motto is as true today as it was 70 years ago and Giusto's remains the best you can bake with.

It is with great pride and dedication that we continue with the third generation of Giustos to offer the best grains, flours and baking ingredients.  In conjunction with out 70th Anniversary we will, for the first time in over twenty years, offer packaged Giusto's products to the public through select retail outlets.  This exciting reentry into healthy retail ingredients for the home baker will honor our roots.  We look forward to continuing to provide discerning professionals with the best they can bake with and introducing new generations of home bakers to the finest baking ingredients available. Please join me in celebrating seventy years of bringing unwavering ideology to the table and honoring what true natural and organic industry pioneers started in 1940.


Chief Executive Officer
Giusto's Specialty Foods & Flour Mills

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